Thursday, January 20, 2011

So dang picky

We have been trying to find a different all natural vegetarian based treat that we can give Riggs so he does not have to always have carrots as treats.  We have tried a couple of different things, but he is so dang picky he just sniffs it and shows no interest.

We finally came across something he likes.  They look just like animal crackers and they are made out of pumpkin.  They are all natural and humans can eat them as well.  They smell really good but I will just take the store owners word that humans can eat them as well.  Riggs seems to love them though so that is good.  A different treat for a change.

Friday, January 14, 2011

It's a jungle out there

If you have not seen the Discovery channel's miniseries LIFE or Planet Earth they are both must see especial in high def.  LIFE was on last night and we were watching it as we lay in bed.  All the sounds of the birds and various animals were driving Riggs nuts.  He was watching the TV very intently jumping up and barking at the screen ever so often.  He was completely drawn in and mesmerized by all the odds sounds the animals made.

Animals are not the only thing on TV that will trick Riggs.  If a doorbell rings or someone knocks on a door on TV he is up and barking.  Also apparently some tones of scary music or the sound of babies crying on the TV will make him sit up to attention and bark.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Is Atopica the culprit?

The allergy shots have began for Riggs but at the same time Mama continues to search the internet for other possible causes and remedies for Riggs itching.  One of the medications he has been on is called Atopica.  Many of the side effects are things Riggs showed signs of when he had a severe reaction.  It is very possible that the medicine that was suppose to help his itching was instead making it into a much more severe issue.  Now it will just take some time to see if he has any more severe reactions or not.  Hoping for the best.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Get up here yourself

Our bed is pretty high off of the ground and Mama was getting tired of lifting Riggs on and off of the bed every time he wanted up or down so Riggs now has his very own stairs so he can do it on his own.  Just like when he was a puppy, we are having to teach him to not be apprehensive about the stairs and that it is perfectly safe to go up and down on his own.  Although every time he comes down the stairs, he steps down on the first step and then jumps the rest of the way to the floor.  Riggs if you bust your leg I am going to wring your neck.