Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Difference of opinion

Riggs does not think he is spoiled.  According to him he does not have enough stuffed animals, food, treats, Nylabones, etc…

I showed Riggs the following photos and pointed out to him why he is.

So inspecting the photos I see the following which convinces me you are spoiled:

  • You appear to be laying on a comfy king size bed
  • You appear to be surrounded by multiple stuffed animals
  • You appear to be chewing a Nylabone that you love
The conclusion I come to is you are definitely spoiled buddy.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nylabones make a comeback!

When we got Riggs it became apparent very quickly that he loved two things:  stuffed animals and Nylabones.  He would chew on those things multiple times a day for a good hour or more.  Then one day he suddenly lost interest.  A good six months or more went by and he would show no interest in the Nylabones .  Now just as suddenly as it stopped it has started back up again.  He is completely into the Nylabones again. Granted he is 2 1/2 years old now and those teeth and mouth are much stronger and he can easily wear a brand new Nylabone down in just a few days and these darn things are not cheap.

Here is a coupon for $2 off a $5 or more purchase of Nylabone for anyone interested but you have to hurry the coupon expires on 9/15/2011.

Nylabone Coupon