Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Toy Chest - Tuesday

Let me reach down in here and see what I pull up.  Aaaah yes, say hello to Mickey.  Mama picked this guy up while she was at one of the Disney theme parks earlier this month.

Mickey Mouse of course

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Suck suck suck

Ok I have to know if anyone else has a dog that does this. Not sure if this is a pug thing or just another odd thing that Riggs does. Riggs like to suck on some of his stuffed animals. I am not sure how to describe this. On a few of his stuffed animals that have a big nose / face (e.g. Baboo, Stinky Nanners & Sunny), he lays down with the stuffed animal in front of him, grabs hold of the stuffed animals nose/face in his mouth and sits there and sucks on it for 30 mins or more. Check it out.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nope. Cannot even pee normal

Riggs up to this point would not be known as your typical male pee’er.  He does not go up to the light pole, lift his leg and let it rip.  Riggs is a squatter.  Riggs would not be Riggs if he did not have his own style to peeing.  Even though he squats to pee, he has to lift one leg in the air and then squat as he does some circus balancing act on one leg.  As for his aim, he needs some work on that as well.  Every so often he will successfully pee on one of his front legs.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

That explains all the hair loss

The allergy dilemma continues.  Still no signs of the itching going away and the post from a couple of weeks ago about the shedding is more than likely related to the allergies as well.  Riggs is now starting to show signs from the hair loss on his undercarriage area. 

We are starting to do some additional test to see if something else might be causing the issues.  Today we got his thyroid tested and that came back normal.  We have switched him to a different food trial as well.  Vet thinks it might be a protein based allergy so no meat products at all now.  Soybean and vegetables dry dog food.  I am sure that will be tasty.  NOT.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Drying off?

Riggs loves his carrots and can not wait to get one each night.  Before we give him one, we wash it off and cut off both ends and then hand it down to him.  I am not sure why but every time we give him one he shakes his head while it is in his mouth initially.  I don't know if the goofball is shaking off the excess water or what the deal is.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beach bum

Today we took Riggs to a local beach that allows pets.  He was not really sure what to think of the sand at first.  He kept sniffing the sand and walking tenderly on it.  It was pretty hot that day so we tried to get him to go in the water but of course Riggs wanted nothing to do with the water and he would take off any time a tiny wave would crash down on the shore.  Such a wussy dog you are.