Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Toy Chest - Tuesday

Before introducing our new toy this Tuesday, Riggs wants to send out a big thank you to all the new friends and followers he met this past two weeks.  He is VERY excited seeing all the photos and reading about all his other new buddies.  A special thanks to Winston for posting a blog posting about Riggs, Riggs got introduced to several new friends because of Winston.  Thanks again buddy.

Ok since many of you are brand new to the blog then it would be best to do a refresher on what Toy Chest - Tuesday is all about.  When we picked up Riggs back in late May 2009, we got him several different types of toys.  Balls, bones, ropes, a kong and a few stuffed animals.  It became very obvious that Riggs LOVES stuffed animals.  Of course Mama spoils Riggs rotten and his collection of stuffed animals grew exponentially.  Each time Mama got Riggs a new toy (a.k.a. stuffed animal) she would give the stuffed animal a name.  At the beginning when there were not that many to keep track off Riggs did a pretty good job at grabbing the stuffed animal we called by name but after awhile and the pile got huge it was pretty much a lost cause of Riggs bring the stuffed animal we mention by name.

So I decided I would start a blog series called "Toy Chest - Tuesday" where I introduce everyone to one of his stuffed animals until I got through every single one of them.  Granted at the beginning I was introducing a new stuffed animal every week to try and catch up and slowly got to the point where I do it about once a month now and here we are 2 1/2 years later and I am still not caught up at introducing them all yet.  Now anyone that owns a dog knows that stuffed animals will not last forever and so when the time comes during Toy Chest - Tuesday there will also be a R.I.P. (Rest In Pieces) for the stuffed animals that have not survived the wrath of Riggs.

So if you ever want to catch up on all the stuffed animals introduced so far just click on the "stuffed animal" label and you can see all the stuffed animals this little spoiled rotten bugger has gotten thus far.

So without further ado today I introduce you all to:

Grape Ape

Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's a jungle "IN" here

I know this is similar to a post I did many months back but I have some video captured this time.  After many many years of saving our nickels and dimes we saved up enough money to replace our living room TV (a 13 year old 27" Sony CRT) with a drool worthy Samsung 59" Plasma flat screen TV.

I went and bought Planet Earth on blu ray and over the past several nights we have been thoroughly enjoying it in all its high def glory.  However Riggs has been having some issues adjusting to the new TV and especially to Planet Earth.  He is completely confused on what he hears and sees on the TV.  If you watch the video carefully you will see two times when the monkeys begin to move from the left side of the TV screen to the right where Riggs will turn his head and look up the stairs thinking the monkeys are going to start running up the stairs.  He can not seem to figure out that the monkeys are "inside" the TV.  He is convinced monkeys are going to start running up the stairs.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Once upon a time there was a couple peacefully sleeping in bed.  It was still quite early as the sun had not risen.  However, there was some stirring at the end of the bed as the pug had woken from sleep.  He stood up and leaned forward and stretched and leaned backward and stretched then did a full body shake.  He proceeded to walk up to dada’s side of the bed and placed his head right over his face and...AaaChoo!  Riggs!!!  Gross!!!  Thanks for the lovely wakeup call of snot sprayed all over my face.  You drive me insane dog!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Toy Chest - Tuesday

Let's see what is left in here. Digging down deep, nope already did that one, nope did that one also. Aaahh here we go, this guy is new.