Saturday, May 29, 2010

Left, pause, back, right, up, back left again

We never taught Riggs to walk beside us which makes taking him for a walk to be a challenge.  This is how a walk with Riggs typically goes.

  • Mama is to the left of me and Riggs is up ahead to the right of me
  • Riggs then cuts across from right to left causing the leash rope to cross in front of Mama's path
  • Riggs then pauses to sniff something or proceeds to walk behind Mama
  • The leash rope is now across Mama and behind her
  • Then I walk in front of Mama and back around her to untangle the leash rope
  • Riggs will then head back up ahead of us to the right and start the process all over again.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nosey butt

You may find this hard to believe Riggs but not everything is for you.  Anytime we come back from the store, pull something out of the bag and get the scissors out the drawer to cut the tag or ties off of something, Riggs gets all excited and assumes it is something new for him.  Oh boy you all excited?  Yes I got a brand new blender just for you.  Ummmm no buddy.

Good luck putting something on the ground to assemble.  Riggs is right up in your face standing in the way sniffing & licking everything.  Mooooove!

Watching Mama attempt to wrap presents is a treat.  Riggs is right there standing on the wrapping paper.  I am just here to help Mama.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Indiana Jones is going to whip you

Every once and a blue moon Riggs will sit and watch what is going on the TV.  Today I was playing some Indiana Jones game on the Wii and Riggs was all into watching what was going on, so I figured I would have a little fun with him.

Riggs would move up to the TV screen and I would pull out Indy’s whip and crack it.  Riggs would immediately jump back and bark at the TV.  After a little while he would build up the courage to go back to the TV and “snap!”  You are soooo easy to tease Riggs and provide pure entertainment.  Where was the dang camera when I needed it.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Are you sure we don't own a "scaredy" cat? (Part 3)

Riggs continues to show patterns of being more of a cat than a dog.  First he hates the water, second he sheds a ton and now third he is scared of anything that is out of place or he has never seen before.  Oh no look out for that big green mean trash can on the side of the road.  Protect me for that pillow sitting in the corner of the room.  Yikes! What is that but a wind chime in the tree.  What to do with you, I just do not know.