Monday, November 14, 2011

The nose will find trouble (err...treasure?)

A while back we headed over to Orlando for a little R&R and stayed in one of the hotel resorts.  Each night we would take Riggs for a nice long walk around the hotel complex.  He was in heaven running around everywhere, sniffing all the smells, sensory overload basically.  Anyhoo, one night as we were walking along the sidewalk Riggs in his typical pattern is falling way behind OCDing about something he smells in the grass.  I figured he found another spot of pee or pile of poo or some dead worm.  I turn around to see what it is that he found this time and what do I happen to see...Riggs standing there with an entire Hot Dog in his mouth.

As many of you are well aware if you have been following Riggs blog for any time, he is allergic to just about everything.  So I start walking over to him and that little stinker is trying to consume (more like swallow the thing whole) the hot dog as fast as he can before I can get to him and take it away.

He got about half of it down by the time I got to him and luckily did not have some major allergic reaction.  He must have been so excited when he got a whiff of the hot dog jackpot.


  1. Oh dear, poor Riggs. We are so lucky none of our puggers have allergies

  2. Damn Riggs, you gotta be faster next time! I am not allergic to anything that we know about but my...God, I hate to say, Tucker is. He is allergic to everything except possibly the air he breathes. You must learn his technique, he can run, chew and swallow all at the same time, and he is fast... making it impossible for Mom to take anything away when he gets into it. He downed two corn dogs over the weekend that he wasn't suppose to have, he indulged in a little "dumpster diving" in the kitchen.